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We are Las Vegas's go-to cement company. Everyone comes to us for the best results and outstanding rates. We design each project to fit the client’s needs and match the dream they see. We offer wide variety to our customers when it comes to cement requirements and maintenance. We ensure a longer life span on our cement products and the service that is provided. We use the latest techniques and ingredients to create the best cement product for our customers. We pay attention to detail and what our customers want. We guarantee that we provide the results our customers want.

About us

We take pride in catering to the people of Las Vegas. We help make thousands of people's building dreams come true year round. Each project is custom made to fit the customer’s desires and we ensure that our quality is put into each project. We treat each project as if we were building it for ourselves. We take pride in knowing that our experienced staff provides the results our customers want. We communicate throughout the entire duration of the project to guarantee the end result. Our commendable customer service and the quality of our work and service speak for itself.


    Our Services

    Concrete Las Vegas has evolved in the premier concrete industry. Our concrete services have been serving the Las Vegas area for decades. Concrete Las Vegas is the best partner to have on the job when it comes to your concrete needs. When you are looking for the best outcome for your project, the only name on your mind should be Concrete Las Vegas. We have never disappointed our customers when it comes to the results of the projects completed. We have a 100% satisfactory rate which we take pride in, we are always finding ways to make our customers experience in the cement industry even better.

    Worker pouring concrete mix at home foundation
    Concrete Las Vegas - concrete blocks
    Pouring concrete into the construction of the house. Builders are pouring ready-mixed concrete

    Concrete Repair

    We understand that with wear and tear your concrete may take on some damages. There are many reasons as to how your concrete can be damaged. Over time Mother Nature will take its course and apply more and more pressure to your concrete. It is in your concretes best interest to have it repaired when it requires repairs and maintain it over the time from it was installed. We have just the experienced and concrete repair service you will ever need in Las Vegas.

    Concrete Blocks

    We spend a lot of our time in our homes or businesses, and it is important that all our supplies for our entire property are top quality, and installed to perfection. We are the people you are looking for. We have the best concrete blocks in the whole of Las Vegas, at the best prices. We ensure that our concrete blocks are of high standard and our contractors are experienced, providing high quality service to our customers.

    Walkway Flower Bed
    Concrete Las Vegas - concrete countertops 1
    Concrete Las Vegas - polished concrete 1

    Concrete Stain

    Are you looking for a more customized personal design with your concrete design? Looking to stand out from the rest of the concrete floors in your area. We offer state of the art concrete staining service with eco-friendly chemicals that are used to apply the stain to the concrete. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they get the color out of the concrete staining process. We are professional in the industry and have specialised craftsman known for their excellent concrete staining.

    Stamped Concrete

    This is one of our most popular services, many of our customers love the stamped concrete for renovating their new patio or changing their paving on their property. We can provide each customer with a personalised design to fit their desired look. The stamped concrete can change the look appeal of the area you are having stamped. A stamped concrete service needs to be done by a professional craftsman. It is a delicate process however it has benefits that save our customers in the long run.

    Steel trowel machine for smoothing surface to finish of concrete slab. Construction work concept.
    Concrete Las Vegas - concrete countertops
    Concrete Las Vegas - stamped concrete

    Concrete Countertops

    Concrete countertops have always been popular in homes. Building a concrete counter top takes a talent and a skill you only receive from years of practice and expertise. It is frequently installed supporting cabinets or storage space. Each concrete counter top is fitted for the customer’s desired look and measurements. Each counter top is made specifically for the customer and each counter top is designed and measured differently. Each customer is serviced and provided with their very own personal design.

    Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete is commonly used in businesses. These polished concrete flooring are mechanically ground to give it that polished look. The concrete is honed and polished with bonded abrasives to cut through the concretes surface and refine the surface to give it the polished finish. This method of flooring can only be achieved by a concrete specialist with experience in the trade. This is one of the most specified levels of appearance that not everyone can achieve. We have the most experienced team who is able to provide you with that perfect polished finish.

    “I was in the process of having my home redone. I thought about getting my concrete stained or stamped. After I found Concrete Las Vegas, I spoke with one of their team members and they guided me to the best decision. I wasn’t ever this impressed; they explained which would best suit my property and make it look good. My home was due an upgrade and I wanted a more modern look. They really helped me with my decision and done a great job with the concrete staining. I couldn’t be happier with the result and the service”- Dan. M


    “I was in the market for the best cement blocks to build a cottage on our property. I knew nothing about what was needed to build one of these things. My sister suggested that I use this company for the cement blocks and so on. I gave them a call the next day and they were so helpful. They explained everything to me, which blocks I should choose and even gave me some extra advice on how I could really spruce up the place. My cottage looks so good that I am considering moving in haha”- Mary. T


    “My brother kept going on about how happy he was with the results of his stamped concrete patio. He even invited the entire family over to have a look at his stamped concrete. As I was driving over, I thought to myself, I couldn’t believe I was driving to my brother’s place to look at his new stamped concrete patio. It definitely didn’t disappoint, it was done so well and really changed the entire feel of his patio. Guess what I am getting done to my home for thanksgiving? A stamped concrete patio”-Tom. D


    Contact Us Today

    We offer the best concrete supplies in the Las Vegas area hands down. All of our customers have always returned to us when they required any cement related services. We have been highly rated for our outstanding service and our team is puts in their 100% with each project that is done. Our excellent product and service combined makes for an unbeatable service. So to add on to our great reviews and feedback we have made our prices so affordable that there isn’t one reason anyone could think of as to why they shouldn’t choose us. Invest in the best and call us today on the number found on our website.