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Concrete Repair

Mason leveling and screeding concrete floor base with square trowel in front of the house. Construction business, do-it-yourself, precision work around the house concept.

Restore the look and integrity of your property with our concrete repair service. There many methods today that repairs your concrete. Based on the cause of the damage the best concrete repair solution will be presented by our cement specialists. There are many signs that reveal that your cement has been damaged. Instead of waiting too long to have it repaired, contact us and our expert team will assess and repair your concrete needs today. If you are not sure about the condition of your concrete, it is best to give us a call and our skilled concrete specialist will inspect your concrete and present the result.

Signs your cement should be repaired

If you have noticed a change in your cement lately, it could mean that your cement requires a repair service. There are a few signs that directly acknowledge that your cement is in dire need of repair service. If you have noticed that there are some fractures and stress cracks being revealed in your concrete it is time to give us a call and have us assess the damage and locate the reason for the damage in your concrete? Our team has years of experience with concrete and will provide you with the ultimate solution for a cost effective repair.

What causes concrete cracks?

There are many reasons as to why your concrete would crack. The soil plays a big part in the damage of your concrete. The mixture of the concrete could have been done incorrectly or the case of the surface not being perfect for the placement of the concrete. Improper steel placement or reinforcement is a major part of cracks resulting. All of these problems are able to be diagnosed by an expert concrete professional. If you notice any sort of cracks in your pavement it is important to seek appropriate repair assistance. We have the right knowledge and experience to provide you with the best results.

Concrete maintenance

While concrete is one of the more durable materials to use on your property, it still needs to be maintained. Your concrete needs to be maintained like any other material used on your property. You need to ensure that the concrete is repaired and cleaned on a regular basis. Regular sealant needs to be applied to your concrete to give it a longer life span. If you have your concretes best interest at heart and want to keep your property in good condition it is important to ensure that your concrete is maintained professionally. To find out more about our concrete maintenance service, get in contact with our customer service today.

Can you repair stamped concrete?
As long as the crack does not go all the way through your walkway and a massive hole is in the stamped concrete area, it is very possible to have your stamped concrete repaired. How we repair it is that we seal the slab with concrete resurface. Apply a non-shrink mix of our cement to the stamped concrete. We then treat the area and restore the design of the initial stamped concrete. We have been repairing hundreds of customers stamped concrete and restoring it to what it was before. Our team works on a punctual and effective schedule, not requiring you to spend any more time on the repair than it should.