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Concrete Stain

Concrete Las Vegas - concrete stain

Concrete stain is a mixture of water and hydrochloric acid and metallic salts. Because of the qualities of the concrete together these substances combine and create what we call concrete stains. Concrete stains become a permanent part of the concrete. At Concrete Las Vegas we certify the safety of the process; our staff has been trained to ensure a safe environment during the process of concrete staining. It is not harmful to the property or the people around it. Our team has experienced many different challenges when it comes to concrete staining, but we are known for our tremendous quality when doing concrete staining.

Can you stain old concrete?

If you have been thinking about this for some time, but you just aren’t sure if it is entirely possible. You should get in contact with our professional team who will explain this to you. It is very possible to have your old concrete stained. There isn’t a large difference in staining old concrete than new concrete. The process is completely the same, with a few exceptions. When having your old concrete stained there are a few more steps that needs to be taken into account. Your concrete needs to be in a good maintained condition to ensure the best results for the concrete staining process.

How long will my concrete stain last?

Concrete staining is permanent. With our qualified team and our top quality product we ensure that your concrete stain has been done at a high standard. To receive the best results it is important to have your colors tested and decide if it is what you desire for your concrete, after all it is permanent. Our experts will work closely with you to guarantee the said outcome expected. We aim to please our customers and by doing that we offer complete transparency throughout the process to comfort our customer in knowing that we will get the job done as they wished for.

Can concrete stain be removed?

It is possible to remove some of the color of your concrete stain. There is a specific solution that is required to make that possible and a lengthy process to have it completed. We cannot expect our customers to get the job done; it may take you longer than expected. This is why we will take the job off your hands and get it done for you. We want our customers to be confident in us for them to know that they can sit back and relax and let us supply the results. It is important when working with these chemicals it is best to have a professional do the job, if someone is unaware of the solution recipe it could cause more harm than good. Always get a professional to do what they are best at doing.

Changing the color of your concrete stain

We always advise our customers that getting a concrete stain is permanent, while it is possible to have the color changed. Depending on the color the customer wants to have their concrete stained to the process differs. The color that is achieved from the concrete stain comes from the chemical reaction. There is no easy way to change the color. There are two ways to have it done. One being that adds another layer of concrete on top and has it stained to the desired color. Or you would need to add to the existing stain which would deepen the color but not drastically change it.