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Polished Concrete

Steel trowel machine for smoothing surface to finish of concrete slab. Construction work concept.

Polished concrete are for those who are seeking a process involving multiple steps where the concrete floor is designed. Polished concrete requires a skilled technique that not anyone can accomplish. The polished concrete floors are something that requires a special knowledge and expertise. The process includes the concrete being mechanically ground. The concrete is then polished with special product and honed which allows the concrete to be cute and then perfected with each cut. The process is detailed and if not done correctly can damage the concrete laid. At Concrete Las Vegas, we have those specialised concrete contractors, who know just how to get the perfect polished concrete and deliver great results each time.

How to maintain polished concrete

If you have polished concrete installed on your premises, there is a technique required to maintain and clean your polished concrete. Your floor needs to be cleaned daily with microfiber pads once it has been swept and mopped. These polished concrete floors are able to hold dirt different from normal concrete floors. You need to ensure that the utensils used to clean your polished concrete are clean, including the water. It is best to prevent any sort of spills or stains that could be done to your polished concrete. If there is a spill onto the floor, do your best to clean the spill up immediately to avoid any possible stains to the concrete.

Benefits of polished concrete

There is a competitive advantage to having polished concrete floors. It is widely used in almost every place. Polished concrete floors benefit the decorative style of the space it is installed in. Polished concrete floors have a longer life cycle as it is not as vulnerable to things such as cracks and water retention. It is not a material that needs to be replaced in a short time frame. It is cost effective for both the homeowner and the business owner. It is one of the easiest flooring to clean today, it does take a different technique to clean but it is definitely worth it. The fun part is that it is available in a wide range of colors and designs that fits what the customer wants for their homes or businesses.

Am I limited to designs?

Your polished concrete floors come in a wide variety of designs and colors. As each customers wants a different feel for their desired polished concrete floor to match the design of the room it will be placed in. We are happy to provide our customers with the variety so that they are not limited to options. We give our customers options when it comes to what they want. We provide variety in service and in design. Matching each customer with the best solution and design they are pleased with. The versatility of our craftsman is tremendous, with each challenge that they have been presented with, each time they did an outstanding job.

Are polished floor safe?

The common misconception when it comes to polished floors is that they look slippery. Because of the different levels of gloss that can be applied to a polished concrete floor, it leads our customers into thinking that it is unsafe for them. The floor may look slippery but we guarantee that it isn’t at all. Polished concrete floors are completely safe to walk on. These custom made floors tailored to our customers’ specifications are 100% safe. These floors are encourages to be kept clean and dry. The main priority of these floors is to be safe to ensure that our customers are able to walk on them. We have improved the level of slip-resistance when installing our polished concrete floors just to ensure our customers safety. Find out much more details about us.