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Stamped Concrete

Concrete Las Vegas - stamped concrete

Stamped concrete adds a pattern or texture to the concrete. It can be presented in various ways and styles. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways and some types of interior flooring. With a wide range of places to have concrete flooring installed and stamped it opens up many doors for our customers to get creative with their desired style. There are plenty of patterns and textures to choose from. Our skilled workmen will present the best results to ensure the customers are satisfied with the outcome of the stamped concrete. We advise our customers to communicate directly with the team hired for their job for the best results.

How long does it last?

Over time your embossed glossy looking stamped concrete can lose its shine and start to look extremely chalky and faded. Just like any concrete or paving it requires maintenance. It is important to maintain the look and feel of your stamped concrete for best results and a long life span. If you wish to save on costs down the line it is vital that you repair and maintain your stamped concrete. Over time you would need to apply new sealant which should be done anytime between 3-4 years. Having your stamped concrete installed to your property and maintaining it, it adds value to your home just like any home improvement would.

Does stamped concrete add value?

In any home improvements there is a set value percentage it adds to your home. In the event that you have improved your home and added stamped concrete to your home it does not add as much value to your home as it does add to the overall aesthetic of your home. It does add a good look to your home when having guests over or if you are in the process of potential buyers coming over. It may not seem like a good investment to make, but it is. It is one of the most cost effective appeal increasing elements to add to your property. It is durable and makes your home look for attractive.

Can it be applied over existing concrete?

The only time you are able to have your concrete stamped is when it is still wet after being poured. If you wish to add stamped concrete to existing concrete a new layer of concrete needs to be applied over the old layer of concrete to add the desired texture and look you are looking for. Having your concrete stamped adds a good look of brick work over your new stamped concrete. It gives your stamped concrete area a more original and personal feel you just wouldn’t find when installing the common concrete block used to build your home. If you are looking at changing things up at your home and looking for a more original concrete block, enquire about our stamped concrete service today.

Advantages of stamped concrete

There are a few advantages of having your concrete stamped. There is an increase in life span when having your concrete stamped, concrete lasts longer than other materials and more durable. Having stamped concrete installed in your home requires less maintenance than other paving materials. This is a very cost effective way to make your home look good and maintain it longer. It reduces your long term maintenance and care, as it is less likely to reset and replace itself due to Mother Nature taking its course. It does increase the resale value of your property as it adds to the overall aesthetic of your home and maximizes the return on your investment.